5) Installing the New Engine onto the Engine Cradle (part 3)

After the "Trial Fit" we remove the assy.. And put it back up onto our "Work Bench" After any adjustment considerations we weld the Front Motor Mount into place and proceed with mounting all the rest of the items needed. Almost all of the V-8 engine swap is done with the cradle outside the car. The exhaust system, starter, Alternator, A/C compressor & lines, oil filter, fan belt and many other items are assembled onto the cradle on your "Work Bench". The only major items that have to be assembled after the engine is installed in the car are the Water Pump and W/P Drive system. These items are "Trial Fitted" here then removed until the cradle has been re-installed in the chassis.


Final installation of the Remote Oil Filter system. As you can see the Remote Oil Filter system is pretty simple the filter mounts in a easy to get to, yet safe location. So that the oil doesn't drain back out of the filter, I always try to mount it down below the centerline of the engine crankshaft.


Install A/C compressor. There are two things to consider when installing the A/C Compressor. You will consider the orientation of the A/C hoses and consider the alignment of the V-Belt pulley with the H.B.P. The A/C Hoses should be orientated so that after this whole cradle assy.. Is installed in the car the hoses will line up with the original hose connection on the Fiero Chassis while also clearing the Exhaust system. This is more fully detailed in the Video Instruction Tape. Once it has been determined which 2 holes on the A/C Compressor will be mounted to the Front motor mount, you will need to drill out those holes to accept 3/8" bolts. You will also consider the alignment of the "V" grooves in the pulleys. As more fully detailed in the Video Instruction Tape, there are a few different A/C compressors used on various Fieros. They differ in that the mounting areas are different distances from the center of the "V" groove. There are parts included in the V-8 Conversion Kit to allow mounting for any of these A/C compressors.


In this case the center of the "V" groove was very close to the face of the mounting bosses so, to get proper alignment, we needed to use the extra A/C mount that came with the kit. As we move on to mounting the alternator that, in some cases there is an unused mounting boss on the A/C/ Compressor that interfere with the Alternator, this boss will need to be cut off, do not cut it off until you are sure of the proper A/C hose orientation.


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