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Mustang 5.0 Coil-Over Suspension Kits

These new suspension packages fit all 1979 thru 1993 Ford Mustangs

The Front System includes a pair of tubular arms coil over struts and is priced at $ 895.00

The Rear System includes a pair of upper adjustable arms, a pair of lower arms and a pair of coil-overs and is priced at

$ 865.00

Custom Interior Conversion Kits for the Fiero

This $ 760.00 kit is a custom interior package for your Fiero that completely eliminates that "Fiero Look". This is an easy to install, inexpensive, complete interior for your Fiero. It will compliment your re-body or make your stock bodied car look exotic.

This fiberglass interior kit includes:







Fiero Brake and Suspension Conversion Kits

These products provide the Fiero with the handling and stopping power it deserves. All products have been designed to be "bolt-in" to the maximum extent possible. Two brake packages are available, both of which retain the Fiero bolt patterns, use vented rotors, provide for use of the stock hand brake cable and use readily available GM calipers. Our suspension components and packages feature ride height adjustments of 2", provide unlimited caster & camber adjustment, feature polyurethane bushings, tubular control arms and premium coil over shocks with ample spring rate selections.

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